The FAQ - Flight and protection aginst violence

The FAQ - Flight and protection aginst violence responds to questions revolving around at the intersection of flight and protection against violence. The document has been prepared by the Association of Women’s Shelters (FHK e.V.) and the Federal Association of Rape Crisis Centres and Women’s Counselling Centres (bff e.V.).

The FAQ begins with a glossary that clarifies key terms and their consequences for female refugees.

The FAQ then continues with a number of questions that are categorised according to ten broader topics. Some of the questions recur because they belong to different topics at the same time. These are the ten thematic areas:

  1. Regulations relating to asylum and residence matters
  2. Gender-specific violence as a reason for asylum and its role during the asylum procedure
  3. Marriage and family law
  4. Medical care and social benefits
  5. Funding of counselling and protection for refugee women
  6. Protective measures for refugee women living in shelters
  7. Admission of female refugees to women’s shelters
  8. Name change as a protective measure
  9. The impact of the new penal code for sexual offences on residential regulations
  10. Church asylum

Please note that legal regulations frequently change in this field. This FAQ is concerned with the legal situation as of November 2017.