Physical violence

What is it?

Physical violence involves all attacks on the physical integrity of a person. Women most frequently experience physical violence at the hands of their (ex) partners or relatives. Physical violence is the form of violence which is most frequently perceived by the public because it usually is most visible.

Physical violence includes, for example, pulling the victim’s hair, battering, boxing, kicking, burns, acid burns, strangling and attacks using knives or other objects. Physical violence covers a broad spectrum of acts of violence, amongst which there are “lighter” forms, such as slapping or violently pushing someone away, to very serious forms, such as battering or violence inflicted with weapons. Physical violence can have severe consequences and may even result in the death of the person concerned.

Physical violence can also occur in situations of care and/or assistance. In case of violence in care relationships, care-givers (e.g. relatives or professional care-givers) try to force something through against the will of the person concerned by using physical violence or force. This can happen when administering medication or in eating situations.