What does it mean if an asylum application is rejected as “manifestly unfounded”?

Classifying an asylum application as “manifestly unfounded” (that is, rejecting it) entails a considerable restriction of legal protection and further restrictions concerning the stay in Germany. If the Federal Office decides to reject an asylum application as “manifestly unfounded”, an appeal must be filed within just one week (instead of two weeks as usual).

But, in contrast to a request that is simply considered “inadmis-sible”, filing an appeal here does not by default mean that everything remains the same for the woman until the appeal procedure has been concluded.

Instead, the Foreigners Office can urge the women during the appeal proceedings to assist procuring travel documents that would facili-tate the deportation, and, in extreme cases, the woman can even be deported to her country of origin.

In order to prevent this, an additional emer-gency appeal for legal protection should be filed. In this appeal, the personal story of persecution must be described completely and thoroughly, along with evidence. This involves an enormous effort that needs to be taken care of within a week right after the negative decision and represents an obstacle that is very difficult to overcome. This is aggravated by the fact that, in most cases, the prospects for success are limited.