Rape crisis centres

What do rape crisis centres do?

Rape crisis centres are women’s counselling centres for sexualised violence. They help women concerned through telephone and personal counselling. Moreover, they are committed to preventing sexualised violence.

In all German federal states, rape crisis centres defend the right of sexual self-determination and pursue the goal of countering sexualised violence against girls and women. Among others, their efforts focus on counselling and supporting girls and women that are affected, their friends and family and professional supporters.

In addition to personal counselling, many rape crisis centres offer on-call services for crisis intervention and psychotherapy.

The second field of activity of rape crisis centres is to reduce violence in the medium and long-term through prevention, public relations, further training and networking.

The services of rape crisis centres are also directed at women and girls who are affected by other forms of violence, such as physical violence, sexual abuse or trafficking in human beings, especially if competent specialised centres are not available locally. Rape crisis centres are often affiliated to women’s counselling centres.

The services are free of charge. Female staff members are bound by the duty of confidentiality.