The Federal Association

Objectives and tasks

For a life without violence

In Germany, one woman in three continues to become the victim of psychological, physical or sexualised violence once in her life. The bff is committed to changing this.

We achieve this through networking, further training, public relations and committee work as well as quality assurance and quality development.

The Association gives its views on current developments which concern the topic of violence against girls and women, and represents the interests of its member centres, i.e. the women’s counselling centres and rape crisis centres.

The efforts of our member centres focus on violence against women in all its forms: sexualised violence, violence perpetrated by (ex) partners, psychological violence, stalking, physical violence, structural violence, economic violence etc. Through low-threshold services, they provide psychosocial support for coping with the experience of violence.

Moreover, they help remove the taboos from violence against women through their PR work. They are also actively involved in preventing violence.