Links and References

1. Homepage: Federal Ecumenical Workgroup on Church Asylum

The homepage lists events, news, state-ments, contact addresses, publications and further information.

The Federal Ecumenical Workgroup on Church Asylum is an “organised union of church asylum initiatives in Germany. It comprises the network of all church parishes that are willing to grant refugees church asylum in order to prevent their deportation if there is reasonable doubt about their safe return. As a federal work-group, we support refugees and their sup-porters by means of public relations and lobby work, publications, conferences and community counselling.”

2. Field report: Church asylum for a woman affected by violence and for her children

“Church asylum for a female refugee. Report from a women’s shelter.” Newsletter, Association of Women’s Shelters, ”Protecting female refugees against violence”, 1/2015, pp. 9-10:

3. More field reports on church asylum

4. Current figures on church asylum throughout Germany

5. More information about church asylum