Is it possible to prohibit perpetrators from returning to shared accommo-dations and own apartments despite residence obligation and restriction?

It is, of course, possible for women who have been affected by violence and whose asylum ap-plication is still being processed to preclude perpetrators from returning to shared accom-modations and own apartments. The police can impose a restraining order on the perpetrators, and accommodation providers can pronounce a house ban.

When issuing such orders, however, a potential residence restriction or obligation on the side of the perpetrator needs to be taken into consideration. If a residence obligation still applies to the perpetrator, then he will commit an offence by being expelled from his assigned territory. In case a residence restriction still exists, he cannot simply take up residence outside of that territory. In case of an order issued by the family court, the order thus has to make reference to a modified residence restriction or include an allocation to a different accommodation.