Sexualised violence


In Germany, between 7,000 and 8,000 rape cases are reported to the police every year. Research shows though that only about 5% of women who have been raped actually report these rapes to the police. Approximately 13% of reported rape cases lead to a court conviction. A German representative study found that one woman in seven experiences sexualised violence covered by criminal law during her life.

Approximately 11,000 cases of sexual abuse of children are made known to the police each year. The estimated number of unreported cases with regard to these criminal offences is high. Sexual abuse affects both girls and boys, although, according to studies, girls are affected about twice as often.

A German prevalence study (Schröttle/Müller 2004) shows that 60% of all women have experienced a form of sexual harassment.


Any woman can fall victim to sexualised violence – irrespective of her age, appearance or social status. In this respect, lesbian women, women migrants and women with handicaps are not only discriminated against as women but also due to their ethnic background, their sexual orientation or their handicap.