Physical violence

Facts & Figures

A representative study carried out in 2004 on the Living Situation, Safety and Health of Women in Germany revealed: 37% of all women interviewed reported suffering physical violence. Women very often experience physical attacks carried out by male perpetrators. According to the study, 71% of women affected mentioned only male attackers and 19% male and female attackers. Physical violence is most frequently exercised by the partner (50.2%) or a family member (30.1%).

71% of women, who were affected by physical violence, mentioned their own home as the place of violence. In contrast, public places, such as streets or parks, which are considered to be the typical “places of fear”, were only mentioned as crime scenes in 26% of cases.

More than half, namely 55% of the women affected by physical violence, received physical injuries from the attacks. These include bruises, body pains, sprains, open wounds, bone fractures and head or face injuries. Of these women, one third went to see a doctor.