Psychological violence


Psychological violence can have severe health, psychological, psychosomatic and psychosocial consequences.

Those affected experience psychological violence as being severe and highly destructive. Experiencing violence adversely affects the self-esteem of the people involved and their psychological health.

Possible psychological implications of violence are lowered self-esteem, sleeping disorders, increased anxiety, dejection and depression, even reaching suicidal thoughts, self-harm and eating disorders. Additional stress symptoms often occur. Sometimes psychological violence results in severe psychological diseases, especially if women affected also lack a stable social support network.

Experiencing violence also has an adverse effect on social structures, interpersonal relations, individual lifestyles and the socio-economic situation. The women involved often break off ties with others and contacts with relatives or friends. Given the enormous psychological strain, there is a risk of losing one’s job.

The longer the victims experience violence, the more difficult it becomes to get help from outside and the more difficult external intervention becomes.