bff: "make it work!": For a workplace free of sexual discrimination, harassment and violence!

With the four-year project "make it work!", which started in the beginning of 2019, the federal association of rape crisis centres and women’s counselling centres (bff) wants to help shape the change towards a work culture free of violence and discrimination, following the global #MeToo movement and the German #aufschrei debate.

"Studies show that at least one in four employees has already experienced sexual violence, harassment and discrimination at work - this form of discrimination undoubtedly represents a problem for society as a whole, which employers from all sectors must address, also because they have legal obligations to protect."

As a professional association that unites more than 210 specialized counseling centers for women and girls affected by violence, the bff puts quality-assured work also in this area first. „make it work!" is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

The specific goals of the project include:

  • The rights of those affected by sexual discrimination, harassment and violence in the workplace shall become more visible throughout society through strong public relations work.
  • Different materials (e.g. flyers, guidelines, expansion of the handbook) on the topic shall be created to inform those affected as well as employers about rights and obligations in the case of sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • Strong local and national networks against sexual discrimination, harassment or violence in the workplace shall be established and expanded, starting in 2019 with a focus on two model regions.
  • Approaches and building blocks of good implementation ("good practice") against sexist discrimination will be identified in different types of companies and organizations and presented at a large, international congress in 2022.
  • Training courses will be organized for specialists
  • Sensitization of company representatives and managers will take place so that they can consolidate effective prevention measures in their companies.
  • In order to achieve these goals, we are looking for allies from all fields of work and expertise on a local and national level to build strong alliances!

Would you like more information about the project or would you like to become part of the "make it work!" network? Then feel free to write us a message at: