Access For All!-project

Easing the way into counselling – including for women and girls affected by violence with disabilities: this was the objective of the Access for All!-project.

The Access for All!-project dates back to October 2010. The bff received financial aid from the Auerbach Foundation for the Access for All!-project.

Break down the barriers - let's achieve access for all!

The Federal Association of Women’s Counselling Centres and Rape Crisis Centres (bff) wanted to change this situation and improve Access for All women and girls with disabilities in the women’s counselling centres.

The objective was to give disabled women and girls, who have experienced violence, better access to the necessary support, counselling and help. This is why a lot needs to be done and changed so as to better take into account the concerns and need for support of disabled women and girls with regard to mobile support services against violence.