Broschüre: What can you do in case of sexualised harassment, discrimination and violence in the workplace?

The brochure is explicitly aimed at people affected by sexualised harassment, discrimination and violence in the workplace. Initial information and guidance are designed to encourage people to take their own feelings seriously, to recognise opportunities for action, and to pave the way towards the professional support system. The booklet provides information on the following topics: What is sexualised harassment in the workplace? What are the potential consequences for those experiencing sexualised harassment at work? What about employee rights and employer obligations? What is the applicable legislation? Which legal and general courses of action are available? How can I find a counselling centre near me?


The minimum order quantity is 10 brochures at a total cost of €2.50. We offer a discount for orders of 100 or more brochures.

The brochures are free of charge for bff member organisations.

A flat rate for postage and packaging is charged for all orders.

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